Trailer Security

Road haulage trailers are naturally immobilised when standing alone, but vulnerable to trailer theft.

The trailer itself and the freight within, can be protected using Airlock to secure the trailer by isolating the pneumatic air brake hose to prevent brake activation.

  • Anti-theft locking unit
  • For stand alone trailers
  • Maintains parked trailer immobility
  • Prevents air brake release
  • Prevents cargo and trailer theft
  • Easy to use
  • Fast to fit
  • Replacement coded keys

How Trailer Air Brakes Work

Airlock trailer lock

Trailer air brakes by default are ON, compressed air is forced from the tractor or cab unit to apply pressure to release the brakes.

Without compressed air the trailer air brake system is not activated and the trailer remains stationary, so, for example, it cannot roll away. The air line hose is integral to the trailer and cannot be easily removed.

Anti-theft trailer security

Airlock fits onto the red line which is the pneumatic high pressure hose that connects the pressurized air supply from the cab/tractor unit to the trailer. Airlock fits all makes of air hose couplers and push-to-connect tube fittings.