Airlock Security Lock

Airlock is a unique anti-theft locking unit for stand alone HGV (articulated) trailers.

By isolating and securing the compressed air intake hose used to convey pressurised air to the trailer brakes, Airlock rapidly secures:

  • Trailers (UK)
  • Parked up vehicle trailers
  • Flat bottom trailers
  • Tractor trailers (USA)
  • Continental cargo trailers

Road Trailer Security

Airlock trailer lock

Airlock is tamper-proof and unbreakable an ingenious yet simple device to secure trailers by rendering them immovable.

The air brake hose is used to activate the trailer brakes is fitted with the crime prevention lock. Any tractor unit is then unable then supply compressed air to release the brakes.

  • High security all steel
  • Integral locking system
  • Pick resistant rotary / tubular lock
  • Tamper and theft proof
  • Ultimate in anti-theft trailer accessories
  • Unique number stamped identification for security
  • Replacement coded keys
  • Simple to operate
  • Ultimate in hydraulic hose fittings
  • Replaces hydraulic hose plug
  • Trailer cargo security
  • Portable - pocket sized
  • Fits any trailer air brake hose
  • Replacement coded keys
  • Alternative to trailer wheel locks

Trailer immobilisation

Airlock is a unique anti-theft trailer locking system designed for stand alone and parked up trailers.

The high security design is all steel with an integral locking system. The ultra strong barrel design is unbreakable, tamperproof, yet simple to operate. In seconds a trailer is rendered immobile by locking onto the trailer red line. Removal of the lock and activation of the pneumatic airbrakes becomes impossible without the individually coded key.

Airlock conforms to within I.I.C.L tolerances.